GT Chip is certainly worth the money spent on it! It took not much more than fifteen minutes to place it into my car in the service station. There is a major alteration in my vehicle behavior on the road! Even in spite of 236 HP engine presence under the cowl of my Acura. Now my car rapidly speeds up and quickly react to the smallest accelerator pedal touch. I’m totally satisfied with my vehicle behavior now. At present I can’t say anything about changes of fuel intake, because I’ve installed GT Chip only two days ago. Nevertheless, I’m sure for hundred percent, that this unit has really improved my car!

Peter. Subaru Tribeca 3.0i

Frankly speaking, I’m very suspicious about all this “amazing” additional electronic gizmos. Nonetheless, now, when some time has passed by, I’m totally convinced that GT Chip really works! That’s why I’ve installed it on my car. I can’t justify for everyone, but my own vehicle behavior has changed for good. I’m able to drive at lower RPMs now and have no problems with my gear box. Another important thing is fuel economy. I save approximately one liter per 100 kilometers after GT Chip was mounted. Taking into account the appetite of my Subaru Tribeca, it’s a good investment of money. Every person makes his own decisions and it depends only on you whether to buy this unit or not. I’ve suggested it to acquaintance of mine and one of them, the Toyota owner, did so.

Gregor. Lexus LX570 (2010)

My vehicle loves to spend fuel in enormous quantities! It started to bother me and one of my friend suggested purchasing GT Chip. I really had strong doubts about its functionality, but I took risk. I though, that if something goes wrong I can return it during fourteen days anyway. But after just one week of driving with GT Chip it became clear that fuel intake decreased by two liters. And it’s only per 420 kilometers. In my opinion, this is very good result!

Stephan. Jeep Cherokee 3,7 (2007)

I’ve provided OBD-tuning for every car, I’ve ever owned. This is the best way to set free all horse powers, which were artificially hidden by constructors. I’ve made a big search through nearly whole Internet, chasing after chip-boxes certificated for Jeep Cherokee. Finally, I’ve chosen GT Chip. It was my lucky day, when I installed it on my car! I’ve obtained significant power increase right after it, and according to the manual I’ll get even more after driving 200 kilometers. My car became more vivid on the road. Besides that, I’d like to say some words about fuel intake. It decreased for about 10 percent and this is also great news for me!


As for me, I was really impressed with the rapid work of delivery unit. The chip-box was transported to the post-office just on the next day after I’ve paid the bill. It was a piece of cake to position it in my car. I spent about thirty minutes and managed without any additional help, I’ve only followed step-by-step manual. Speaking about results of upgrade, I’d like to say that my car obtained better level of performance and stability of engine function. I’m enjoying faster acceleration with combination of smoother drive. I really upshift earlier. I’ve advised my colleague to buy GT Chip for his Mitsubishi

Daniele. Opel Vectra C 2.2 (2003)

Both of my son and me have cars, so I’ve bought two units in one order. Due to that, I’ve got a good discount from the company. It was an unexpected surprise for me. I was about to make a long trip at that time and I mounted GT Chip to my car to see if the manufacturer establishments were true or not. My vehicle has manual gearbox, the primary level of fuel consumption was approximately 6.8 liters per hundred km. I had only one passenger, nothing in the trunk and some our belongings on the back seats. Right in the middle of our journey, I’ve noticed significant power growth in slow RPMs rage. Another interesting thing was that when we were returning back the fuel intake did not change despite my vehicle was fully loaded. I must admit that before installation my average fuel consumption level was about 7.9 liters per one hundred kilometers. And certainly, I can’t help saying about torque increase at low crankshaft frequency! I don’t have to downshift when I want to pass somebody on the uphill now as it was before. In general, my car drives more smoother now and have rapid response to even light throttle up. Personally I don’t think that I will return the money spent on this chip-box due to lower level of fuel consumption. The main issue for me is additional torque at lower RPMs. As you can see, I have only good impressions from the purchase. I’d like to thank the engineers and manufacturer for this great unit.


My car is Toyota Land Cruiser and it’s very difficult to find chip-box for this model. Unlike other units, GT Chip has perfectly fitted operating protocols of my ECU. After a little more than 250 km of driving, the behavior of my car has changed for better. From my personal point of view, it moves smoother and with better acceleration in the low range of RPMs. The annoying jerks, which appeared when I turned on my car and started to drive after cold night, has also disappeared.


I was persuaded to order buy GT Chip my colleague. And I have no regrets about it. I like to do everything by myself, so I didn’t ask for any help to install GT Chip. The entire procedure is well described in the manual, it is understandable even for the person with no specific skills in the field of electronics, and there were no difficulties. However, the main issue is not easy mounting but driving improvement. I must say, there are great alterations in me car behavior. It obtained better responsiveness to the acceleration pedal. This effect is markedly seen in lower RPM ranges. I do not pay much attention to fuel consumption decrease. The main thing is that my Opel has become more alive!


I have to confess that I hesitated a lot about GT Chip purchase. At last after quite a long time I made up my mind and ordered it. Installation and calibration procedures passed quickly and I drove out to test this unit on the road. From the very beginning I observed power improvement, which started from 2600 RPM, and total disappearance of lags. There is also one pity fact, I can’t pass by. The matter is that after about one hundred and a half kilometers the chip-box just turned off and all the benefits gone. However, my car hasn’t lost steering response, so I just pulled over and turned the ignition off. After some minutes I powered my engine again and the device began to function properly. It happened only once. Now my mileage with GT Chip has overcame five hundreds kilometers and everything is perfect. I haven’t measure fuel intake yet. My test of GT Chip is still in progress and I will report any interesting news to you.


Three month had passed since I bought GT Chip. I didn’t manage to mount it properly from the first try, but I just haven’t look to the instructions. And after I had read the manual, I installed the device just in twenty minutes! This device works perfectly. Now I can upshift to the 4th gear right directly from the second one and my steel horse speeds up from 0 to 100 km/hr speed 1 second faster than before. GT Chip has really tuned my!


With GT Chip my vehicle obtained new level of drivability. Now to get acceleration I just have to make a light push on the pedal and I’m speeding up immediately. All problems with my automatic transmission have also vanished. This is very good addition to standard ECU of my car! I have not much driving experience with GT Chip installed and due to that can’t provide any information about changes in my engine appetite. Unfortunately, there are only few service stations in my region and none of them offers the procedure of power and torque measurement. That’s why, I’m not able to tell you the exact values of their increase. Nevertheless, from my point of view the changes are significant.

Andrew. Kia Ceed 1.6 (2007)

I’m a happy owner of Kia Ceed diesel since 2007. Its mileage is about 176 thousands kilometers. It takes about eleven second to speed up from 0 to 100 and maximum speed is 200 km per hour. My vehicle doesn’t need much fuel. Average consumption is about 5.6 liter per 100 kilometers. As I said, I was quite happy driving it until my son suggested me to improve my Kia performance. We discussed different ways of it and finally chose ODB tuning. But it was hard to carry out our decision. We visited all the service centers in our region but none of it had big experience in remapping of diesel cars. It was also very inconvenient for me because of their timetable. These centers are open only during the working week and closed on weekends and my working schedule is kust the same. On account of that, I started seeking for another useful method of my car improvement. It’s too soon to say anything for sure, but in my opinion, GT Chip is a good alternative. I’ve installed it by myself and driven about 160 km. After that we’ve measured my car speed up and found out that it decreased down to 10.2 seconds from zero to 100 km/hr. And after 870 km the parameter felt even lower – down to 9 seconds. Due to that, me and my son are impressed with this effect. Unfortunately, fuel intake remains constant for now, but on the other hand I can’t find any disadvantages of this chip-box. I’m very grateful to developers and producers for their brilliant work!


The first pleasant thing is that this firm works with really fast delivery companies. I’ve got my package in a few days after ordering it. The next positive issue is easy procedure of installation. It took about forty-five minutes with breaks for cigarette and everything was done only by myself. After turning on ignition GT Chip provided some diagnostic procedures (about five minutes) and my car was ready for driving. I can say that this unit really works! I’ve noticed power increase and my gearbox works as if it is manual. And in “Sport mode” my vehicle provides more acceleration than it was before. For now the level of fuel consumption doesn’t show any tendency for change, it’s about 10.4 per 100 km in the city and when I drive on the highway with 100-110 km per hour it’s approximately 8.4 liters. I’m feeling great being an owner of GT Chip and will recommend it for other people, whose vehicles are equipped with automatic gearbox. The developer had made useful thing, which can easily awake any car!

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