There is no such possibility at all! In contrast to remapping procedures, GT Chip neither leave any sign of its work in the ECU memory after uninstallation nor affect any information in it.

Of course not! GT Chip doesn’t violate operation protocols in the main control unit. It works more delicately modifying ECU handling impulses, which affect engine fuel system. Therefore your engine obtain additional power and torque. GT Chip doesn’t conflict with any indicating systems or safety protocols. Nevertheless, we suggest you to make sure about proper level of oil in the engine and good condition of safety belts before mounting GT Chip.

There is no need to seek for help in the specialized service centers. Read our manual attentively and you’ll be able to wire GT Chip without any difficulties, just pay attention to the details. Usually, it can be installed during thirty minutes. A thorough filmed video can be downloaded or watched online on our website. You can also use interactive wiring scheme calculator there. No doubt, if you still hesitate, it’s better to ask for qualified help. Any nearby service station, which offers maintenance of electric system, can easily install GT Chip.

To provide the best possible interaction with ECU, GT Chip begins to work only after self-tuning procedure finishes. It stays in progress approximately during first two hundreds kilometers of driving. If your mileage with GT Chip installed is bigger, just recalibrate the device. Recalibration is also obligatory after any malfunction of electric system (voltage problems, battery change and so on).

Level of fuel consumption is strongly connected with your personal driving style. The foremost possible explanations are the following:

1. Your total mileage with GT Chip wired hasn’t exceed two hundred kilometers yet. The chip-box calibrates itself during this period and doesn’t provide significant decrease of fuel intake during this period.

2. Due to boosted by GT Chip power output you driving style became more vigorous. Just take your time, after some days you will gradually adapt to new characteristics of your car and its petrol appetites will subsequently diminish.

If there is still no effect after relatively long period of time, we recommend you to recalibrate GT Chip following manual instructions.

Absolutely so! We offer worldwide delivery. This service is free if you are located in Europe. Just choose your country in the list, while making request, and we will deliver it to you.

We are greatly concerned with protection of your financial data. That’s why we use PayPal to make money trahfers.

We have been working with UPS for a long time without any problems and usually GT Chip is delivered by this company. However, we always can order shipping in different firm.

It’s undeniable that you can test GT Chip on your car. If you are not satisfied with its characteristics, it’s possible to send it back to us. We can ensure you that our company will provide full refund except for delivery spends and taxes paid for acquisition.

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