Main issues about GT Chip function

GT Chip is a electronic unit installed which is mounted as an addition to the standard ECU. It changes operating commands for the ignition and fuel feed systems that leads to the increase of power and torque parameters. GT Chip is very sensitive to load alterations and adequately adjust operating signals.

Our chip-box doesn’t affect any data from electronic detectors so there is no danger of information loss and the Check Engine lamp won’t bother you with its irritating yellow light.

GT Chip Turbo works with ECU in another way. Its mapping protocols optimize the ECU programs and significantly improve power and torque output of the engine. This happens because GT Chip Turbo provides ECU with additional information, which can not be obtained without its usage. As a result, the pressure during the first stroke grows as directed by GT Chip handling protocols, which modifies air and fuel mixture composition and leads to energy amount increase during compound inflammation. This is how your car becomes more powerful.

This kind of chip-tuning is not detected by ECU security algorithms. Our highly qualified engineers and programmers made enormous efforts to secure iron heart of your car from any potential mechanical overloading during GT Chip usage.