How can GT Chip installation improve your car characteristics?

“Nowadays ECU mapping protocols are greatly affected with strict demands of environmental protection. Therefore, engine power is artificially limited to secure power unit from potential risks from unsound service centers and severe conditions of car function. Marketing principles are also involved in the process of engine power restriction, because powerful car is nearly always expensive car.”

Chip-tuning offers a great possibility to improve engine power. It does not cost a lot of money and very safe in case of regular and qualified service of your steel horse.

gtchip safety first

Safety first!

It is safe to install GT Chip on your car. Chip-box does not neither affect any information in the ECU operating protocols, nor delete any of them. Hence, there is no danger of overload for power unit in the whole or for any of its specific parts. Positioning of GT Chip to your car’s electric scheme will not affect the warranty, because no information about chip-box remains in the ECU memory after GT Chip uninstallation.

gtchip power grows

Power grows, but fuel intake doesn’t!

GT Chip functions result in significant torque increase at comparatively slow frequency of engine work. It provide an ability to change the gears earlier. Engine needs fuel the most during car speeding up. When speed doesn’t change the fuel consumption is the least.

Up to 10% of fuel intake decrease!
Improve your engine due to additional power!

Do you still have any doubts? Our managers will explain benefits and drawbacks of chip-tuning specially for your car!

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