We have created global distribution network for our production

We can easily send our devices to any remote locations.

We offer Consignment through UPS to any region in Europe, which has post office. You can check the procedure of delivery online since every order has tracking number of its own. Our staff post chip-boxes every weekday starting on Monday 09:00 till Friday 18:00.

Making order from country outside European Union or from faraway places

As a rule, the delivery company transfers our devices to remote or poorly accessible places during approximately seven days or a little bit more. Mark your host country in the list, submitting a request for order.

Any additional issues concerning shipping or money transfer can be easily discussed with our qualified staff. You can send your request with question to and obtain detailed consultation.

Money transfer - PayPal

Financial issues are very important. That is why, we provide all money transfers using PayPal as safe, reliable and fast system. Just click to the link, which is sent to you after ordering GT Chip, make a payment in a few steps on the PayPal site and during some minutes the money will be credited to our account. It will allow us to start preparation of your purchase for shipping.