For the ordinary user, the main parameter of engine is its type of fuel. There are losts of topic on Internet forums about diesel cars or petrol vehicles, discussing its advantages and drawbacks. Much less attention is paid to the type of air intake system. To tell the truth, many average drivers even don’t’ know the difference between naturally aspirated and turbocharged motors. However, in present atmospheric power units still dominate both on the market and on the roads.

Motors with non-forced type of air intake are very common due to the simplicity of construction, expected behavior, low cost of service and repair procedures. The architecture of air intake system in these engines is not complicated, its main principles were established long time ago, in the second part of XIX century. Air and fuel combine in carburetor or intake manifold and ten this composition is transported to the cylinder. It’s important to underline that concentration of oxidant, which is the oxygen, is always lower than in outside air and can’t be significantly elevated because there is no compressor to raise the pressure. This type of engine was one of the oldest among internal combustion units variety.

The resources of normally aspirated motor chip-tuning are limited. It can provide power increase not more than ten or, in the best conditions, twenty percent. The main weak point of atmospheric engines is relatively low concentration of oxygen in the air-fuel mixture. Any electronic modification can’t overcame this obstacle. Turbocharged systems fix this don’t have such disadvantage because the turbine provides extra compression and raise oxygen volume in the inflammable composition. Anyway, the opportunity of obtaining even additional ten percent of power (speaking about nowadays situation it ‘s approximately 10HP) without mechanical modification is very inviting. This kind of upgrade provides essential benefits for every car owner, improving drivability.

Your car will rapidly speed up, immediately reacting to the lightest pressure on the pedal. You also will be able to upshift earlier and obtain significant power increase in low RPM. Moreover, with additional power the work of air conditioner won’t slow your car down any more.

Every GT Chip has a warranty for two years from the moment of its purchase. Our device can be mounted on vast spectrum of car models, so when you will obtain a new steel horse, it will take only few minutes to equip it with GT Chip from the old vehicle. Moreover, presence of GT Chip doesn’t affect your car warranty.